Aug 05, 2020

Anderson .Paak: Vans Sidestripe Sessions

This week's session features music by Southern California musician, Anderson .Paak. Paak performed “6 Summers” and “King James” accompanied by art created by Dewey Saunders.

Brandon Paak Anderson better known as Anderson .Paak is a dynamic hip hop producer and songwriter. Born in Southern California, he began producing music in his childhood bedroom sparking an interest in all aspects of music. Today the Grammy Award-winning singer/rapper/producer has released four full-length albums with his fifth, 'Ventura,' dropping this April. Along with his music, Paak has collaborated with A Tribe Called Quest, Kendric Lamar, Dr. Dre and many other notable names in hip hop.

Dewey Saunders is as an eclectic media artist from Philadelphia, PA. Working in illustrations, collages and graphic based design, Saunders admits it has taken some failure to find success. Today his art is a blend of inspiration and relatability. His skillful eye allows him to create psychedelic collages that create a new perspective. The seamless pieces have depth and are undeniably immersive. Notable collaborators include Anderson .Paak. and Future.

Stream Anderson. Paak’s latest album ‘Ventura’ here.

Learn more about Dewey Saunders here.

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