Kyle Walker will be hitting the Vans Showdown event at Huntington beach // Photo: Anthony Acosta
Jul 01, 2019

Vans Showdown Skaters

Get ready for the Vans Showdown to hit the hot sands of Huntington Beach during Vans Us Open of Surfing.

The Vans Showdown is an invitational street contest that will give a nod to iconic contests of the past. Fans can expect a celebration of skate culture, and still witness the highest level of professional skateboarding. We have asked for the help of Quasi, Toy Machine, Girl, and Baker to dig deep into their memory banks of skateboarding to help us design the course.

The Vans Showdown will bring out the signature energy and essence of skateboarding celebrating community with some of the best skateboarding on unique obstacles. 

Skater list:

  • Kyle Walker 
  • Beatrice Domond
  • Kader Sylla
  • Breanna Geering
  • Pedro Delfino
  • Etienne Gagne
  • Dick Rizzo
  • Josh Wilson
  • Justin Figeroa
  • Riley Hawk
  • Austyn Gillette
  • Collin Provost
  • Tyler Pacheco
  • Blake Carpenter
  • Johan Stuckey
  • Mason Silva
  • Cyril Jackson
  • Axel Cruysbergh
  • Miles Willard
  • Yonnie Cruz
Huntington Beach
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