Axel Cruysberghs qualified 2nd in the prelims and will battle it out in the final
Aug 04, 2019

Vans Showdown Finalists Decided

In the inaugural Vans Showdown at Huntington Beach, Mason Silva claimed top spot in the prelims with an immense display of speed and power throughout Vans’ new jam contest format. Reminiscent of iconic skater ‘Chris Senn’, Mason continued to demonstrate aggressive and spontaneous style across all the obstacles, especially when landing a cab over the barrier at pace. Far removed from the usual contest formats and with a host of world class skateboarders on display, the exciting new obstacles built by Quasi, Toy Machine, Girl and Baker enabled some new names to come to the fore. Axel Cruysberghs and Tyler Bledsoe both utilized the entire course with the latter bringing a sense of nostalgia to the event with shades of legendary skater Tom Penny, as highlighted when he landed a backside flip onto the bank of the Quasi obstacle with little effort.

Fabiana Delfino placed highest amongst the women with her consistency and well-rounded approach, as well as being the only girl to successfully venture across the rainbow bar. The Vans Showdown celebrates style and creativity, and this was ever present throughout the day with the three wildcards epitomizing what the judges were looking for. The chosen Wildcard trio of Rick McCrank, Nora Vasconcellos and Austyn Gillette will join the top 12 finalists & top three women at this brand-new invitational street contest tomorrow at Huntington Beach. Finally, on a day of firsts, 16-year-old CJ Collins, in addition to advancing into tomorrow’s finals, was surprised by his board company Toy Machine with the official announcement that he is now PRO. The spontaneous moment, revealed by a unique custom obstacle with his signature pro boards hidden inside, became even more special as CJ was surrounded by his friends and family. Huge congratulations to CJ!



Top Twelve Men advancing to Sunday Finals:

  1. Mason Silva
  2. Axel Cruysberghs
  3. Tyler Bledsoe
  4. Simon Bannerot
  5. CJ Collins
  6. Evan Smith
  7. Roman Pabich
  8. David Gonzalez
  9. Jake Anderson
  10.  Taylor Kirby
  11. Pedro Delfino
  12. Clive Dixon

Top Three Women advancing to Sunday Finals:

  1. Fabiana Delfino
  2. Shari White  
  3. Annie Guglia

Three Wildcards advancing to Sunday Finals:

  1. Rick McCrank
  2. Nora Vasconcellos  
  3. Austyn Gillette
Huntington Beach
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